There were interesting points that were raised when we recently sat down with home inspectors and plumbers at Bibi Jann to find out the most common plumbing issues with homes. A Brooklyn emergency plumber who was part of those that formed the panel shared a few facts which we will list below. He said that many homes made use of old pipes and this may affect the flow of water. He advised homeowners to carry out yearly or quarterly checks on the plumbing systems in their home. In his words – there is no way that you can have a real plumbing challenge if you take the necessary precaution.

Picture of a Licensed PlumberAnother point which was raised by the home inspectors was that a few homeowners do not use professional plumbers. They lamented that the money which the owners felt they were saving often got spent even at a higher value to carry out repairs. The consensus was that many plumbing issues arise based on the use of people who are not entirely trained to carry out installations. It was recommended that companies with a good track record should be utilized for meeting any plumbing need in the home. A member of the panel mentioned emergency plumbing squad as a leading company in this niche.

Another argument was the fact that people who used conduit plumbing systems face real challenges. For example, it is often not easy to trace the leaks if any pipe gets bad. It may result in breaking the wall and creating lots of mess before the issue is fixed. Most people try to avoid making such expenditure. They often look for ways to bypass that plumbing channel, or if it is possible, they completely switch off the use of that channel. However, this may lead to other complications in the future if the leaking pipe was a pointer to the other main issues.

One of the home inspectors talked about a blog that keeps showing homeowners what to do to fix any challenge they face. This Brooklyn site has handled virtually every type of plumbing issue that people face. He advised people to take advantage of this channel so that they do not have a real plumbing challenge. Also, he stated that no plumber could work in a vacuum. He said that once homeowners are abreast about the things that happen in their home, it can help the plumber to serve them equitably.

The last plumbing challenge that was mentioned is the speed in which plumbing companies render service. It was mentioned that most organizations do not have what it takes to handle emergencies. This means that homeowners need to look for stop-gap measures to address any challenge they face. This will ensure that your space is not in a mess before the plumber shows up. It was agreed that any plumbing situation could be easily handled once people start working with the experts. Everyone who was part of the discussion said they would keep sharing the above-listed points with those in their world.

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