Coming face-to-face with cockroaches, lizards or a rodent is the worst nightmare of every homeowner. Here you encounter a pest, and the next thing you’re doing is getting a pest control spray and calling a pest exterminator to get your home pest free. Apart from the frightening situation which the pests put you in, there are several health risks which call for strict pest control.
Some of you may not want to kill bugs or insects, but you got to agree that a home is no place for them. Either you call the reinforcements every year or so to get your house cleaned up or what you can do is be careful from the start and don’t let pests get the advantage of your laziness.

Before it’s too late, you should take the measures into your own hands and start by acting on these 5 tips to keep pests out of your home. Keep it in mind that prevention of pests is way easier than getting them exterminated once they have infested tour house and not only that professional pest control services are also costly. The answer to pest prevention lies in the cleanliness of your home.

1- Keep your House Dry
Pests need a breeding ground to survive, and any moisture or wet surface is a ‘yes’ for them. It’s a win-win for them if they find food too. For example, in case of cockroach, it can survive for at least a month without food but only for a week without water. So, keep your house dry if you do not want to provide optimum surviving conditions for the pests. Water should be properly drained, puddles should be mopped up, and gutters should be installed to direct water to the exterior of the house.

2- Keep your House Clean
Even though your house seems clean enough when you take a look, there may still ne unclean spots that are not visible to naked eyes. Floors should be cleaned daily, furniture should be wiped, and dishes should be washed on time. Any food crumbs or spills on the floor should be cleaned immediately. Otherwise, it is an open invitation for the pests to feast upon.

3- Repair Cracks and Seal any Possible Entrances
Pests do not just materialize out of nowhere; they need an entry point to get into your house. Any crack or gap is an invitation for the pests and the larger it is, the bigger will be the trouble. Check your house thoroughly for any cracks, gaps or openings which might serve as a gateway for the insects. Check for any cracks or crevices which let the light pass through and repair them. Seal all of the entrances and maintain your house regularly to prevent any pest from entering.

4- Dispose of the Waste Properly
The food that is leftover or waste for you is a feast for the pests. Use the bins that come with a lid to prevent pest infestation and dispose off the waste properly. Make sure that while disposing off the waste you don’t litter around the bins. Bins should be placed far from the entrances to avoid attracting bugs and insects.

5- Store Food Properly
Imagine hosting a party for your friends with pests as uninvited guests. To avoid pests from attacking food, make sure that the food is in air-tight locked containers or plastic bags and store in cupboards. Do not store food in cardboard boxes as they can be easily entered by pests. Fruits and vegetables should be stored in the refrigerator to avoid getting fed upon by ants and flies.